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Dominator Laptop Mounts by Pro Desks

New laptop mounts by Pro Desks are ideal for all trucks, no matter how large and small. It also includes the new theft prevention feature.
dominator laptop truck mount

The Dominator front seat mount for your computer includes a high security locking top and upper post. Designed to be used under the harsh oilfield conditions of job sites, the Dominator is widely used by construction companies, oil field service and public safety professionals.

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Pro Desks features exclusively, the Dominator automobile computer desk stand, one of the most advanced locking laptop desks currently available. Being redesigned from the seat rail bolts up, the Dominator stands out from other products in terms of the increased strength, the enhanced security and the easy laptop adjustments. It features the New Locking Top and Locking Top Post, securing your laptop on the strongest desk system available. The theft prevention feature of this laptop desk provides you with the peace of mind when you need to leave your vehicle for a while.

dominator vehicle laptop mountUsing a keyed knob system on both the pedestal upright and the desktop, both tightening knobs are lockable, this secures your laptop to the desk system preventing a quick theft of your laptop and or desk.

The locking mechanism is also extremely important in securely keeping the laptop in the mount in the event of a collision or rollover.

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Navigator Truck Laptop Mounts

Pro Desks Navigator is the perfect mobile computing solution for people who need to work in their vehicles.

  • navigator truck mountsThis laptop mount fits laptops, notebooks and tablets of all sizes. With its outstanding features, people will find it most convenient when using in vehicles as a stationary mobile office.
  • People can adjust the laptop to their desired position and it will perfectly fit any size of laptop for a firm and positive grip by using the one-size-fits-all desktop cradle which has a raised front lip and two rear pressure brackets.
  • Configuring your keyboard position is simple since the desktop can swivel front to back and rotate 360 degrees.
  • With a thin strap design, you can open or close the laptop screen and not wear the hinges. The strap is adjustable so it can attach over the laptop above the keys and below the lid hinges without blocking ports or drives.

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navigator truck laptop holder*Notes* - This is a silent laptop table, no noise, and no rattles. The base of Prodesk Navigator Seat Rail Laptop Table is very stable side to side, from front to back. It is an ideal solid vehicle computer desk and totally safe while you are moving. Although this base does not drill into the floor - the two base adjusting bolts have round flat bottoms that simply brace against the carpet/floor of the vehicle which then creates tension against the seat bolt rail system, locking it in place securely and supporting the desk system.

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Enforcer II Vehicle Laptop Mounting System

enforcer II vehicle laptop mounting systemThe Pro Desks Enforcer II is an advanced seat rail laptop desk - No Drilling - No Vehicle Modifications Required.

The vehicle computer mounts desktop can swivel, tilt, turn, allowing you configure the position of your keyboard exactly where you like it. The Enforcer II comes with a strong steel articulating arm, allowing users to turn the laptop desk from side to side. With thanks to this feature, you can operate on your laptop from either side of the vehicle, even from the outside of the vehicle. No light duty mobile computing products can be compared to the Enforcer II in terms of quality and durability.

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enforcer II vehicle laptop mountsThe Enforcer II comes with an adjustable main pole, enabling users to bring the desktop position up or down to get the perfect fit. For larger consoles, you can configure the positions by bringing the articulating arm up and over. The Enforcer II vehicle laptop desk is designed for serious applications.

The Enforcer II brings both safety and security to your laptop. The four shock pads absorb any shocks and vibration while you are on the road.

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Mongoose Locking Laptop Truck Mounts

mongoose truck desk mountingThe Mongoose is manufactured by Gamber-Johnson and is brought to the market by Pro Desks. This is a premier desk, which can provide years of service. The aluminum locking top is adjustable. Each side clip and front and rear clips are adjustable, for placement side to side, and height. This allows you to fit any laptop in this top, no matter the depth, and also leave ports open on the sides for access. There are no cables to scratch and get in the way, it does not mark your computer, it slides open like a dream, and LOCKS.

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mongoose vehicle laptop standThe Mongoose has an adjustable tilting and rotating clevis underneath for optimal placement when you are working on the computer, you can angle it just the way you like, and rotate it around so that you can always find the best spot for ergonomic computing.

This desk bolts into the passenger side seat rails using a custom designed base plate that does not require drilling or modifying the truck and provides one of the most stable desks in the industry.

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